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It’s a Process: The Phases of Building a Website – Free Download [Infographic]

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By Kristina Celin on April 22, 2016

I’ve been creating websites for businesses since 2006. One of the very first questions we encounter when talking with potential customers is: “So… how do we do this?”

To help answer this question, we have designed a detailed infographic that shows precisely how the magic happens.

Since 2006, design & development techniques and best practices have both evolved a great deal. It’s true, there is so much more to consider in today’s modern web climate with mobile and tablet devices having become the norm. And in 2015, Google officially announced that more searches are happening on mobile devices than on desktop computers in the U.S. and beyond.

But the general phases of building a website that is tailored to your business really haven’t changed at all. 

With all those build-your-own-website widgets out there (I’m looking at you, Go Daddy… Wix… Squarespace), many understandably think it’s a simple matter of  dragging-and-dropping onto, hitting “publish”–and voila! And it could be as easy as that, if you aren’t particular about:

  • what your business website looks like
  • whether it’s branded appropriately or not for your business
  • whether it supports the personalized user experience you want to give your leads, and whether it has all the functionality you need
  • whether its messaging and content is on-point and speaking directly to your target audience’s pain points

… then yes, the process could be as simple as described above 🙂

However, if like most small-to-midsize businesses you ARE particular about how your brand is presented… and are even looking to take things to the next level, then the process of creating a new website is going to be a bit different for you. From beginning to end, you should have open back-and-forth communication and feedback opportunities with the creative working on your website to make sure it’s designed and built for maximum effectiveness. The end result being a high-quality website that impresses your target customers and becomes a critical component of your sales funnel by helping to convert leads into paying customers!

We’ve laid all the phases out in the infographic below.

Download it here

[PDF – 1.1MB]




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Kristina Celin

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Kristina Celin President & Creative Director Kristina has relished in all things creative since a very young age. Over time, her interest in drawing on canvases evolved into something much larger: producing unique digital graphics, logos and websites for others — eventually leading her to open her own creative agency, Designing Gig, in 2009. Today, Designing Gig proudly serves clients from U.S. coast-to-coast and beyond. To Kristina, the core of great design is communicating a message in a simple way. And with 10+ years of experience in the creative business, no matter how complex the project, she will always return to square one and ask: "Are we getting across what we need to get across here?" Kristina is certified in Website Design & Development and holds a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from UW—Madison. She has acquired an extensive background in communications, branding, website development, and marketing — but her real passion is putting her intricate knowledge of digital solutions and industry trends to good use by helping businesses of all sizes create professional, high-impact brand experiences that are strategically aligned with their business goals.

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